Damodarkunda Heli Trip

INR 85000

Damodar Kunda, which lies in the Northeast side of Mustang district, carries a huge religious significance for Hindus. The lake at the height of 5400m is cold and windy but offers a magnificent view of the mountains including Annapurna South, Muktinath peak, Damodar Himal and the southern part of the Tibetan plateau.

Damodar Kunda is the source of Kaligandaki River. In the Hindu mythology, the lake is considered as the Head of Lord Bishnu and Muktinath as his mouth. Through other various places, the manifestation of Lord Bishnu lying is made in the religious book “Barah Puran”. Other places include RuRu Chhetra of Palpa district as the waist, Shaligram Chakra as Chest, Devaghatum as the knee and feet of Lord Bishnu as the Gajendra Mokshadevadhan. Hindus believe to experience sacramental divinity to attain atonement from all their sins after dipping into this holy lake. Another mythical story says that two sons of Kuber were released from sins and suffering after dipping into the lake, following the instruction of Lord Krishna.

You will have options to fly Damodar kunda via Kathmandu or Pokhara as per your convenience.

INR 85000

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